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Retreat Resources

This page offers links to resources on this website that be helpful to your meditation retreat.



On Retreat suggests general considerations as wells as specific practical questions to contemplate as you prepare to go on retreat.


Getting Started#

The Refuges, Precepts, and Aspirations are a good reminder to start the day whether you are in retreat or just living your life in the world.

Beginning the Journey and chapter 2 of Buddha’s Map both provide meditation instructions to get you started in this practice or in shifting to the Easing Awake style of meditation.


Moving Down the Path

Buddha’s Map offers detailed and comprehensive meditation instructions including a down-to-earth guide to the jhanas.

Meditator’s Field Guide explores various experiences that arise whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for a number of years.

Befriending the Mind explores topics that typically arise as your meditation deepens. Some people new to practice may encounter these as well.

Resting in the Waves is a series of talks composed for a nine-day retreat which has sense been published.

Videos of Dhamma talks given on a ten-day retreat. These cover the basic and intermediate issues that we work with in meditation.

Podcasts from Apple, Buzz Sprouts, and Insight Timer.

A topic Index of this site can help you find specific resources on subjects that interest you.


Other Resources

There is a vast sea of resources on the web. Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center has many recordings of sutta-based dhamma talks deliver by Bhante Vimalaramsi, the jhana master who was one of my teachers.

Access to Insight has collected material from a great variety of Insight/Theravada teachers.