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I awaken in the morning to the calls of birds in the yard and dogs in the distance, to the touch of breeze from the window and sunlight sifting through the trees. I am part of the world around me. We are all movements within a vast ecosystem. Move us into interstellar space and we become lifeless, frozen compounds.

Life is dynamic. The world around us is in flux. Perceptions, thoughts, moods, and awareness arise, flow, shift, and dissipate. No two days are the same. No two moments are identical.

Contentment and wisdom are neither passive nor reactive. They are responsive as we rest in the waves around us and within us. And when we truly rest in the waves, we realize we are the ocean. And we always have been.

In this series of talks, Doug Kraft draws on his background as a meditation teacher, psychotherapist, and minister to contemplate the fluidity of self, awareness, meditation, and life itself.

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The Little Duck

Introduction: Welcoming Fluidity

1. Fluidity of Self

2. In the Buddha’s Words

3. Fluidity of Mind

4. Fluidity of Awareness

5. Steadiness of Practice

6. Fluidity of Practice

7. Fluidity of Life

8. Fluidity of Fluidity

Epilogue: Beyond Heroics





Penny Ladeur, January 22, 2021
Good afternoon to welcome the mind's fluidity.