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Available on-line (free) and in pdf (free).

Metta-panna literally means kindness and wisdom. Without kindness there is no wisdom. Without wisdom there is no kindness. They are deeply integrated qualities.

Metta-panna also points to two interdependent and highly effective meditation practices which the Buddha taught according to the earliest texts.

This small book gives an overview of metta-panna meditation and introduces each stage (jhana). As one’s practice unfolds, the Buddha’s instructions shift to take advantage of deepening equanimity and clarity. Buddha’s Map gives these instructions in detail. Kindness and Wisdom Practice  provides quick reminders of the bare essentials for those who are already using this practice. It may also be helpful to those new to this style of meditation who want a quick overview of how it works.

Also see Buddha’s Map, Beginning the Journey, Meditator’s Field Guide, Befriending the Mind, Resting in the waves, Presence, and Deepening.


Contents of Kindness and Wisdom







Richard King, August 9, 2023
Thank you Doug for the magnificent clarity of your YouTube Day 4 Jhanas I have just finished 'devouring.'

Although I have been meditating pretty consistently since 1968 amazingl yI have only recently discovered that
I have pretty much been spinning my wheels all this time and need to get on track pronto!

All power to you arm,


Richard King