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A.I. Meditation Coach

A friend created an Artificially Intelligence Meditation Coach that he calls "DougBot." It scans all my writings for answers to questions about meditation. It works very fast. If you'd like to give it a shot, there are two things you can do to access it.

First, set up an account with Service Space AI by clicking this link.

Service Space will not charge you anything for using it. It’s an amazing organization built and operated by volunteers so they can offer it freely. But they do ask you to set up an account as a security measure. There are a limited number of queries that you can make in any given day.

Second, once you have an account, you can go directly to DougBot by clicking here and entering your questions.


How It Works

The Meditation Coach uses OpenAI's GTP-4 trained carefully by Komnieve Singh. He scanned my writings including seven books and material from this web-site.

When you submit a query, it effectively searches all that source material, selects the most appropriate passages and sends them to GPT to compute responses that appears on the screen in front of you.

Source Material

When you enter DougBot, at the top of the screen you'll see three tabs. The first is labeled "Response" and is open by default. The second tab is labeled "Context." It shows the actual source material sent to GPT. At the bottom in bold is the word "Source:" followed by the name of the book from which the source material was drawn. Often the name will also give hints as to the chapter in which that material appears.

For Example: "Source: Deepening_5_Maturing…" refers to the booklet Deepening, Chapter 5 "Maturing." If you like, you can use that information to look up the actual source material from which the answer was composed.


This is an experiment. Bear in mind that this cutting edge technology is rapidly evolving. It makes mistakes – sometimes big ones. If an answer does not match your intuition, it is best to stay with your wisdom, look at the source material, or at least ask clarifying questions of the BOT. I appreciate hearing when an answer feels off. We have ways of fine tuning the program. So please let us know.



All the source material is copyright protected. We believe the output of this A.I. is also copyright protected though there is legal debate in the field about copyrighting material that comes through an artificial intelligence.

From my perspective, you are welcome to use the responses for personal purposes any way you like (and it would be nice if you credit me, but that's not required). However, for commercial purposes, you must get my permission before using it. So please be in touch.

See the Creative Commons copyright below for more details.


Creative Commons

Copyright 2024 by Doug Kraft

This document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. You are welcome to use all or part of it for non-commercial purposes as long as you credit the author. Specific licensing details are here.
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