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Books by Doug Kraft



Opening Awareness and Surrendering Into Joy

Deepening is a set of views and practices that support advanced and intermediate meditation as well as depth psychotherapy. This booklet provides a practical overview of these processes along with detailed examples of how they work, whether we are using them to open ourselves or to guide others. They help us connect with a deep well-being that has been patiently waiting to be seen.

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Clear Awareness and How It Emerges in Meditation and the Brain

Presence is not something that can be seen. It is the space within which things can be known. It is not a tangible object (like a car or a pencil) or an intangible object (like a feeling or a thought). Rather, it is a field of awareness which makes knowing possible. Like outer space itself, it is empty and yet creates a space in which things can exist.

This book explores the confluence of the ancient Buddha’s understanding of the mind with the emerging neuroscientific understanding of the brain. Engaging this odd couple can deepen meditation and help us relate to life with greater wisdom, heart, and presence.

It's web page includes the introduction and Table of Contents and several chapters that can be read online.


Resting in the Waves

Welcoming the Mind’s Fluidity

Life is dynamic. The world around us is in flux. Perceptions, thoughts, moods, and awareness arise, flow, shift, and dissipate. No two days are the same. No two moments are identical.

Contentment and wisdom are neither passive nor reactive. They are responsive as we rest in the waves around us and within us. And when we truly rest in the waves, we realize we are the ocean. And we always have been.

It's web page includes the introduction and Table of Contents.


Befriending the Mind

Easing Into the Heart of Awakening

Meditation is not easy, but without ease it is impossible. This book continues the exploration of the inner landscape started in Meditator’s Field Guide with particular emphasis on befriending the mind rather than trying to shape it, practical ways of working with dependent origination, and the luminous non-dual awareness has been waiting patiently to be noticed.

It's web page includes the introduction and Table of Contents.


Meditator's Field Guide

Reflections on 57 Insights that Slip Away

This book explores the inner landscape found in meditation and other spiritual practices. It emphasizes meaningful insights that arise and then fade away quickly.

It's web page includes description, TOC, and chapters you can read on-line.

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Kindness and Wisdom Practice

A Quick Guide to Metta-Panna Meditation

This booklet gives an overview of the practice elaborated in Buddha’s Map.

It's web page includes a description, TOC, and a free pdf of the entire booklet.

Paperback is temporarily out of print.


Beginning the Journey

Initial Meditation Instructions Using the Buddha’s Map

This booklet offers the beginning instructions described by the Buddha and elaborated in Buddha’s Map.

Its web page includes a description, TOC, and free pdf of the entire booklet.

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Buddha's Map

His Original Teachings on Awakening, Ease, and Insight in the Heart of Meditation

This books explore in depth the Buddha’s elegant and powerful meditation practice as described in the earliest text of his talks.

Its web Page includes description, TOC, and chapters you can read on-line.

Purchase the paperback ($22) or Kindle version ($9) on Amazon.


God(s) and Consciousness

Mapping the Development of Consciousness Through Views of Ultimacy

This book is about the development of consciousness and how it effects our understanding of what is ultimately most real and important in our lives.

You can read the manuscript on line starting with the Introduction.

Purchase the paperback ($9) on Amazon.


Circling Home

Buddhism and Unitarian Universalism are not rocks we can cleave to. They are ways of swimming that help us feel more at home in the river. This is a collection of about a third of the talks I gave to Unitarian Universalist congregations between 2000 and 2010. They cover various topics related to living spiritually in today's world.

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