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Available in Paperback Booklet ($10), Kindle ($0-9), epub download (dana), and pdf (free).

Deepening is a set of views and practices that support advanced and intermediate meditation as well as depth psychotherapy.

This 55-page booklet provides a practical overview of these processes along with detailed examples of how they work, whether we are using them to open ourselves or to guide others.

Most of us have more wisdom and heart than we give ourselves credit for. Deepening opens our awareness to capacities we have overlooked. It’s not about climbing a mountain as much as settling into our depths. It’s not about conquering a beast as much as about discovering well-being that has been patiently waiting to be noticed.

Pure awareness—that is awareness without content—has a slightly luminous quality. It’s a quiet joy we can’t hold or even adequately describe. All we can do is surrender into it.

Also see Buddha’s Map, Beginning the Journey, Kindness and Wisdom Practice, Meditator’s Field Guide, Befriending the Mind, Resting in the waves, and Presence.



1. Example Sessions

2. Going In

3. Spectrum of Awareness

4. Surrendering into Joy

5. Maturing




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