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Nine-Day Online Sangha Retreat

A sangha is a gathering of fellow seekers on a path. During this time of social distancing, this online retreat offers a means to meditate in your own physical space while meeting virtually in community via video technology .


When and Where

The retreat runs from June 28 to July 7. We’ll meditate in our homes or some other sites of our own choosing while receiving online sangha support through video conferencing.


Led by

Doug Kraft with assistance from Jens Troeger, Prashant Billore, and Abhay Vardhan who are experienced meditators with some teaching experience



You’ll have two online video meetings each day using Zoom technology.

One daily meeting will be with a small group of meditators. Doug along with Prashant, Jens, or Abhay will co-facilitate. The group offers an opportunity to explore your meditation and make adjustments to help deepen your practice.

The second daily meeting will be with all the yogis on retreat. Doug will lead a discussion of a specific topic with practical relevance. He will send you a draft of a book he’s working on called Resting in the Waves. It contains all the talks — most of them new — that he composed for the June residential retreat that had to be cancelled because of the pandemic.

You’ll be invited to read a given chapter at your convenience before a given night. That way we’ll move straight into a discussion of the topic and how it relates to enriching your life.

It is unlikely that Doug will be able to meet with each yogi individually every day as is customary in onsite retreats. However before or after the retreat he can meet with you via Zoom. Or you can arrange a solo retreat on different dates.

Each day of this retreat you’ll be invited to send an email with answers to a few specific questions about your meditation practice. You’ll also be able to request a one-on-one meeting with Doug.

Doug is meeting with Abhay, Jen, and Prashant to refine this general format. If you decide to join this retreat, you’ll be invited into an online discussion with them about ways to make the retreat most effective for you. This is a relatively new style of retreat, so we are looking for the best wisdom from all of us.

Other important considerations of online retreats are discussed here.



A $100 registration will hold a slot for you. You can send a deposit here. The deposit will be returned to you after you complete the retreat.

Dana (freewill donations) will be accepted gratefully to support Doug and the work of the Easing Awake Sangha.



Please click here to register.